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Welcome to the official L&A VAPE European online store. Here you will find quality vaping products, manufactured with the highest purity raw materials.
Our vast experience and high manufacturing standards guarantee you will be 100% sattisfied from your purchase.

About us

L&A Vape ltd started in 2010 as a small family business. Right from the start we followed high quality standards in terms of production, sales and customer support.

Now as our production expands, we continue to guarantee the quality of our products by following strict technological procedures, working with certified European and American suppliers only and testing each of our batches in accredited independent laboratories.

Our products

Our products are manufactured in EU with strict quality control and high manufacturing standards. The raw materials we use are EP/USP grade,  come from European and USA suppliers only and have the highest purity on the market. Our coil friendly flavors will keep your coils clean for a long time and our pod friendly bottles can easily refill most pod systems on the market. 


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